Improove the human condition using technology

Ishuah is...

Ishuah Kariuki is a Kenyan citizen, 22 years of age.
He is a 4th year student at Kenyatta University taking a bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
Ishuah is an innovative thinker whose core purpose is, as stated above, to improove the human condition using technology.
Over the past three years he has trained and specialized in java programming, as well as Object Oriented Design, Web Programming with AJAX and alot more.
He is now taking an initiative to get his code out to the world, and to collaborate with other developers.
Ishuah has posted Project NeuralTicTacToe, a program that simulates machine learning using neural networks to learn Tic Tac Toe game moves. Developers can contribute : svn co
Ishuah Kariuki is tired of speaking in the third person. Below is a list of his speciality fields in Computer Science.

-Database design and Implementation
-Technologies : MySQL

-Web application development
-Languages : AJAX

Website Development
-Technologies : Joomla, Drupal

-Desktop Application Development
-Languages : Java

-Technologies : Netbeans IDE, Eclipse IDE

-Object Oriented Design
-Languages: UML

-Data mining
-Technologies: Weka

-Language Engineering Software Component Design
-Technologies: GATE

Innovative thinking
-Technologies: brain

Fort Lynx

Works for:
Kwetha Ask Engine
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Follow on twitter: @ishuah_kariuki